Bart's speeches made in Parliament

Guardian Administration and Other Legislation Amendment Bill

26 March 2019

"This guardianship legislation is, in a modest but tangible way, improving protections for those members of society who may, through no fault of their own, for a moment in their lives, indeed become some of its weakest members."

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Private Member's Statement (2)

28 February 2019

"Not all transport modes suit all people, that much is clear, but the easier you make it for people to catch public transport the more people will make that decision to use public transport, which helps all commuters."

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Transport and Public Works Committee

14 February 2019

"Basically, we can do all the transport planning we like here in Queensland but, if the federal government does not want to be transparent, up-front and cooperative with the state about what it wants to fund, we will always be behind the eight ball."

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LADA & GCBF Recipient Congratulations

12 February 2019

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MOTION Toll Roads

13 June 2018

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