A New Home for Northside Wizards Basketball!

We converting a shed in the heart of Zillmere into a brand new home for the beloved Northside Wizards Basketball teams! The Palaszczuk Government has invested $8 million into this project, which is supporting 50 full-time jobs during construction. Projects like these are all part of our plan for Queensland's Economic Recovery from COVID-19, creating jobs and investing in fantastic infrastructure!

This shed was used to supply office furniture for government workers right across the state, and employed dozens of locals until the LNP shut it down and sold off the business. It's sat vacant ever since.

It's close to the QFleet Workshop in Zillmere, which used to employ 49 locals before the LNP shut it down too.

These closures ripped the guts out of local jobs in Zillmere and hurt the community.


So, I'm very proud to have helped secure the transformation of this old shed into a brand new indoor sports centre, which completed construction in 2020. The 'Northside Indoor Sports Centre' has become the new home of the Northside Wizards basketball, but it is also a hub for many other sports with 5 courts and seating for over 300 spectators.

We also helped fund the relocation of Jabiru Community College right next door, which opened earlier this year, providing a flexible learning environment for students in years 10-12. These two facilities 100 metres from Zillmere Train Station will help revitalise a great suburb and ensure generations of Zillmere locals can learn and stay active without having to leave the 4034 postcode.

I got into politics to make a real difference to my local community and it's good to see we are getting results.